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Dear friends: As we enter the 21st. Century, we happily see an awakening human conscience with regard to the need of preserving our planet. With this, we see a growing sensibility toward fragile eco systems end cultures that have been dominated by development throughout the last centuries. The directors, office staff, location personal, and specialized guides of MANU ADVENTURES strive to meet two important final results: to make sure that your expedition is a memorable experience and to insure the conservation of the fragile eco-systems you will encounter. For 19 year our directors dedicated their efforts to the sustainable development and management of tourism in the south-eastern jungles and mountains of Peru, with emphasis on Manu National Park. We invite you to share with us the intimacy of this natural paradise.
Manu Adventures

Our Guides

  • SPECIALIST: Microbiology, orchids and ornamental fishes. EXPERIENCE: 11 years as a guide in Manu National Park. LANGUAGES: Spanish and English.

  • SPECIALIST: Flora, fauna, birds and tour leader. EXPERIENCE: 18 years as guide in the Manu National Park. LANGUAGES: Spanish, finn and English.

Field Personal

The agency has always had very good passenger reports regarding the cooking service and meals are excellent . We also find out in advance about preferences, diets, allergies or any other aspect regarding these issue.

Our boatmen and their assistants are people from the region with long experience and knowledge of the overall conditions of the river as well as about the fixing of motorized boats. They are authorized by the Peruvian Ministery of Transportation.

All the drivers have long experience on the route and are authorized by the Peruvian Ministery of Transportation and qualified in mechanic.

The river rafting guides are experienced and qualified even for class 5 river conditions. The river conditions in our tour gets between class I, II and III at the most.


Land transportation
For our land transportation needs, Manu Adventures has own full equipped and comfortable vehicles specialized for this route. They are permanently under maintenance and are assigned only to one driver.

River transportation
Own motorized boats with roof, comfortable seats and spare motor. They are permanently under maintenance by their crew.

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Guest comments

Excellent guides and staff. As a course instructor, I really appreciated their attention to detail, their professionalism and their warmth. I am happy to do this course again with this group. Gracias!!...

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